We have research strengths in the following areas:

  • The material culture and history of Greater Mesopotamia, the Bronze Age Mediterranean, Egypt, Palestine, Sicily, and the Roman Empire.
  • Greek and Roman culture, Greek philosophy, Greek and Latin literature, and Greek mythology
  • Hebrew Bible studies, Jewish studies, and early Christian history and literature.
  • Aspects of gender, law, economy, politics, urbanism, performance, ethnicity, and social status in ancient Near Eastern, Greek, and Roman civilizations.
  • Historiography, receptions of the ancient world, and digital approaches to the past.

The Department of Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies has an outstanding record for research. Our faculty members are internationally recognized for contributions to scholarship in their fields. Some of the honours our faculty have received in recent years:

See Departmental Research Interests to find out more about how we take advantage of the unique, interdisciplinary nature of the department.  More detailed information on faculty research interests can be found by viewing their profiles.