Lara-Sophie Boleslawsky

Research Interests

  • 2nd and 3rd century Gnostic groups and Patristic authors
  • Early Formation of Christianity
  • Literary post structuralism and deconstructionism
  • Literature and the Bible
  • 3rd Century Neoplatonism


I completed my interdisciplinary undergraduate honours thesis on Jean-Luc Godard’s 1985 film ‘Je Vows Salue, Marie’, focusing on the director’s use of Marian iconography to perpetuate a form of gnostic enlightenment amongst viewers of the film.

My current research centres around literary critic Harold Bloom and his relationship to ancient gnostic groups. Bloom’s attempts to use gnostic concepts of interpretation in his brand of literary deconstructionism links to debates surrounding the calls to dismantle the category of “gnosticism”, as key scholars in gnostic studies revert to Bloom’s own concept of ‘creative misprison’ in order to justify their position. Bloom complicates this picture by maintaining that “gnosticism” is a cohesive category and should not be dismantled. My project focuses on Bloom’s troubling relationship to this debate, as his conception of the “gnostics” is coloured by his conservative views on the Western literary canon.

Lara-Sophie Boleslawsky is a current MA student in the Ancient Culture, Religion and Ethnicity program and the MA Graduate Student Representative. She completed her BA at the University of British Columbia in the English Literature Honours Program and Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies in 2019.

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