Kimberly McCullough

I am a graduate student in my second year pursing a Master’s in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology. I also work as a teaching assistant within the department.

Having completed an undergraduate degree in Classical Studies, my research interests lie in the social history of Ancient Rome. More specifically, I am interested in studying the interaction and assimilation of cultural identities across the Mediterranean in antiquity.


I am also part of the Ilduro research project in which I serve as the web editor and work under the lead archaeologist on site in Cabrera de Mar, Spain. I have worked on the past three excavations of Ilduro where we continue to uncover two domestic spaces from the late Republican period and a temple complex from the early imperial era. Given my experience with Ilduro, I also hope to incorporate the study of material culture into my studies of cultural interaction and change in Roman Spain.

Courses Currently Taught