Kimberly McCullough

Research Interests

  • Social history
  • Identity and culture in Roman provinces
  • Material and spatial analysis of domestic and religious spaces
  • Interdisciplinary and theoretical approaches
  • Innovative pedagogical methods

I am a PhD student in Classical Archaeology compelled to learn and disseminate knowledge concerning the interaction and assimilation of cultural identities in Roman provinces. In my MA thesis, “Rural Religion at Rock Sanctuaries in Roman Spain” I proposed an alternative model to understanding lived religion which is geared at focusing analyses on less privileged areas of focus in scholarship, such as the rural sphere, the invention of tradition as a way to discern the coalescence of cultural continuity and change, and analyzing textual evidence alongside its rich spatial context.

When I’m not buried in books or digging up buried things, you can find me teaching courses part-time at Langara College where I relish in the opportunity to engage with students about the direction of this field of scholarship and how looking to the past can help understand the present and better plan for the future.