Kate Minniti

Research interests:

•    Cross-cultural Interactions Between Greeks and Egyptians
•    Identity and Ethnicity in the Ancient Mediterranean
•    Aegyptiaca in Greek and Phoenician Sanctuaries, Cities, and Tombs
•    Hellenistic Terracotta Figurines
•    Egyptian Archaeology
•    Greek and Roman Archaeology
•    Digital Humanities
•    Reception and Portrayal of Ancient Egypt in Pop Culture and Videogames


CV available upon request at: kate.minniti@alumni.ubc.ca


I am a 1st-year PhD student in Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies with an emphasis on Classical Archaeology.  


My main research interest is the study of cross-cultural interactions in the Mediterranean between Greeks and Egyptian. I am interested in exploring identity changes which were expressed through material culture choices, and the modifications to the use and production of artifacts that occurred when different civilizations came into contact with one another. My two most recent works have dealt with the import, use, meaning and production of Greek ‘Tanagra’ figurines in Hellenistic Egypt, and that of Egyptian scarabs, amulets and shawabtis in Archaic Sicily. My other great interest is the use of digital humanities tools, and in particular how multimedia maps and 3D reconstructions can help us to better understand the evolution of sacred and secular landscapes.


CV available upon request at: kate.minniti@alumni.ubc.ca




I am currently working as Teaching Assistant at the University of British Columbia, and have participated in archaeological excavations in Motya, Wadi Howei (Sudan), in the Norwegian Archaeological Survey of the Karystia (NASK), and most recently in the NYU excavations in Selinunte (Italy).


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