Justin Dwyer

  • Greek and Roman Comedy
  • Dramatic Representation in Material Culture
  • Comic Fragments
  • History and Development of Stagecraft

Renato Raffaelli and Alba Tontini, eds., Lecturae Plautinae Sarsinates XVII:  Rudens.  Classical Review 66.2 (2016).


“The Comic Value of Prostitutes’ Names in Roman Comedy”, CACW-CAPN, Vancouver, BC, 2014

“Elements of Greek Sanctuary in Plautus’ Rudens”, UBC CNERS Graduate Conference, Vancouver, BC, 2014

“The Bucolic Heroine: The Intratextuality of Oenone in Heroides V”, CAMWS, Oklahoma City, OK, 2010



Justin S. Dwyer is a fourth-year Classics PhD student at the University of British Columbia.  He received a BA in Classics and Classical Humanities from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 2009, and completed an MA in Classical Philology at the University of Arizona in 2011.  Justin taught Latin at BASIS Peoria, AZ, for two years before beginning the PhD program at UBC in 2013.  He spent the 2015-16 academic year participating as a Regular Member at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens.  Justin’s dissertation will explore the impact of Apollodoros of Karystos on Greek New Comedy.  In addition to a comprehensive analysis of his fragments, the study will examine Apollodoros’ interaction with Menander and his influence on Terence (Phormio, Hecyra).  Justin has several years of graduate experience as a teaching and research assistant and has presented at multiple conferences.  He served as the PhD representative in the Department for the 2014-15 academic year and was the Conference Coordinator for the 16th Annual CNERS Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference at the University of British Columbia in May, 2015. 


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