James Allen Evans


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Editor: Polis and Imperium: Studies in Honour of Edward Togo Salmon, (Toronto, Hakkert, 1974)


Born, Galt, Ont. (now Cambridge, Ont.). B. A.; University of Toronto; PhD, Yale University.

Former Martin Kellogg Fellow, Yale University; Thomas Day Seymour Fellow, American School of Classical Studies, Athens, Greece.

Professor emeritus from the University of British Columbia, Dept. of Classical Near Eastern and Religious Studies.

Visiting professor of history, University of Washington, Seattle (1997);

Visiting faculty, Simon Fraser University (1998);

Whitehead Visiting Professor, American School of Classical Studies, Athens (1998-99).

1962-72: Professor of History, McMaster University, Hamilton. 1961-1962: Visiting assistant professor, University of Texas, Austin.

Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. 1992

Life member: Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies (London); Member, American Philological Association; Classical Association of Canada; Association of Ancient Historians: Lions Club, (Mayne Island).

Member, Managing Committee, American School of Classical Studies, Athens, Greece.

Past President, Classical Association of Canada; Former Secretary-Treasurer, Association of Ancient Historians.

Listed in Who’s Who in Canada. (University of Toronto Press); Writers’ Directory; Directory of American Scholars, Cambridge Blue Book..

Contributed to: The Idler; Canadian Forum; Canadian Geographical Journal, Virginia Quarterly Review, Queen’s Quarterly, Literary Review of Canada, Contemporary Review (U.K.); Odyssey (Greece); Ottawa Citizen; Financial Post; Western Living; University Affairs; Archaeology; UBC Alumni Chronicle, Athena Review, Policy Options. Contributions in the two volume encyclopedia, Greece and the Hellenic Tradition, ed. Graham Speake, (Fitzroy Dearborn, London, 2000), (articles on the Greek Revolution, Petrobey Mavromichaelis, Leonidas, Magna Graecia, Sicily, Syracuse)  and to the New Catholic Encyclopedia. (Gale Group, Farmington Hills, MI, 2002).(articles on Justinian; the Roman Empire; Justin I). Article in the On-Line site De Imperatoribus Romanis  on Justinian; the empress Theodora; Justin I, Justin II.

Formerly Literature Editor, Commentator (Toronto monthly, now defunct)

Book Reviews: Books In Canada; Choice; Literary Review of Canada, Queen’s Quarterly (a series of review essays), Virginia Quarterly Review (review essays), Articles and reviews in various scholarly journals.

Editor,  Studies in Medieval and Renaissance History, 2nd series, vols. 1-4; co-editor, vols. 5-15. (New York, AMS Press)

Editor, Vergilius, 1962-72.

Editor and founder, Waterloo Review, 1958-60.

Poetry: Fiddlehead, Waterloo Review, Canadian Poetry Magazine, Flame (poem selected for  reprinting in International Herald Tribune), etc.. Short stories in various magazines and on the CBC