Gerald Sandy

Research Interests

  • the heritage of the ancient novel
  • the theory and practice of the ancient novel
  • Hellenism in France in the sixteenth century
  • Greek and Latin cultural interchange in the second century A. D.
  • Apuleius



The Role of Hellenic Studies in French Hellenism

This research project, which is funded by a UBC Hampton Fund Research Grant, will document Guillaume Budé’s instrumental role in the establishment and development of Hellenic studies in the first third of the sixteenth century.

The principal source for this documentation is his correspondence with some of the leading humanists of western Europe between 1510 and 1536. Budé’s correspondence remains substantially unexploited as a primary source of information about the process that he initiated and that culminated in 1530 in the appointment at the Collège Royal (now the Collège de France) of the first two lecteurs royaux for Greek.

The goal of this project to document Budé’s role in the eventual pre-eminence of Hellenic studies is the essential first stage of the larger enterprise of documenting all aspects of the role played by French Hellenism in the development of Humanism.

The project will employ graduate students and a technical consultant to design, develop and maintain a sophisticated database capable of ordering the large amount of varied information contained in Budé’s letters and ancillary documents of the period.