Florence Yoon

  • heralds and the representation of the absent
  • anonymity and naming, particularly in Greek Tragedy
  • props and silent characters in Greek drama


"Prométhée solitaire: contre la Prométheia putative" (CAC Annual Meeting, Winnipeg)

"Tinker, tailor, soldier - herald? Identifying the Ὕλλου πενέστης in Heracleidae" (APA Annual Meeting, Seattle)


"Heralds and the (mis)representation of the absent in Greek Tragedy" (CAC Annual Meeting, London Ontario)

"Seeing Helen" (CACW Visualizing Antiquity, Victoria)


“The absence of Zeus and the presentation of Prometheus in Prometheus Bound” (CAC Annual Meeting, Halifax)

"Aristophanic artistry: the anonymous protagonist and mirrored structure of Thesmophoriazusae" (CA Annual Conference, Durham)


“Patterns of anonymity in Herodotus” (CAC Annual Meeting, Vancouver)



DPhil Classical Languages and Literature, 2008, University of Oxford

M.St. Classical Languages and Literature, Distinction, 2003, University of Oxford

B.A. Classics, First Class Honours, 2002, University of King’s College/Dalhousie

Previous employment

Worcester College (Oxford): College Lecturer (2010-2011)

Trinity College (Oxford): College Lecturer (2009-2011)

Somerville College (Oxford): Fulford Junior Research Fellow (2008-2009)

I would be glad to hear from any prospective graduate students interested in working in Greek literature, particularly on Greek drama, on marginality, and/or on characterization.

Courses taught at UBC:

  • CLST 317: Classical Tragedy in Translation
  • CLST 105: Classical Mythology
  • CLST 401: Helen
  • LATN 402/502: Latin Poetry
  • GREK 301: Classical Greek

Teaching before UBC

Greek literature of the 5th c. BCE; Greek tragedy; Early Greek hexameter poetry; Homer’s Iliad; Greek language; Latin literature of the 1st c. CE; Vergil’s Aeneid; Latin language

Courses Currently Taught

Winter 2017

CLST317 Classical Tragedy Sections

The plays of the Greek and Roman tragic dramatists, in translation.

Winter 2017

GREK352 Intermediate Ancient Greek: Verse Sections

Readings in the major authors in Greek Verse.

Winter 2017

GREK501A Greek Prose - GREEK PROSE Sections

History, philosophy and/or oratory. Credit will not be given for both GREK 401 and GREK 501.

Winter 2017

GREK401A Greek Prose - GREEK PROSE Sections

Studies in history, philosophy and/or oratory. It is recommended that the corequisite course be completed prior to GREK 401.

Winter 2017

GREK502B Greek Verse - GREEK VERSE Sections

Epic, tragedy and/or comedy. Credit will not be given for both GREK 402 and GREK 502.

Winter 2017

GREK402B Greek Verse - GREEK VERSE Sections

Studies in epic, tragedy and/or comedy. It is recommended that the corequisite course be completed prior to GREK 402.