Cillian O’Hogan

  • Latin poetry
  • History of the pre-modern book
  • Classical reception


Prudentius and the Landscapes of Late Antiquity (Oxford: Oxford University Press, September 2016).
Codex Sinaiticus: New Perspectives on the Ancient Biblical Manuscript, co-edited with Scot McKendrick, David Parker, and Amy Myshrall (London: British Library Press, 2015).

Articles and book chapters:
"British Library, MS Additional 5112, f. 134r", in S. Panayotova (ed), COLOUR: The Art and Science of Illuminated Manuscripts (Turnhout: Harvey Miller, 2016), 68.
"Reading Lucan with Scholia in Medieval Ireland: In Cath Catharda and its Sources”, CMCS 68 (2014) 21-49.
"Claudian, De Raptu Proserpinae 1.82 and Georgics 3.68", Classical Quarterly 64.2 (2014), 865-67.
"An Intertextual Journey in Prudentius, Peristephanon 9", Mnemosyne 67.2 (2014), 270-88.

Book reviews
Review of Ralph O’Connor (ed.), Classical Literature and Learning in Medieval Irish Narrative (Woodbridge 2014), Óenach Reviews 7.1 (2015), 5-12.
Review of Anna Maria Wasyl, Genres Rediscovered: Studies in Latin Miniature Epic, Love Elegy, and Epigram of the Romano-Barbaric Age (Kraków 2011), BMCR 2012.02.41

Work in Progress

My main project at present is a study of books and reading in the late antique Latin west. For more information please see the project website.

In addition, I am working on a number of smaller projects relating to Latin literature (especially the reception and transformation of Augustan and early imperial poetry in late antiquity), manuscript culture in antiquity and the middle ages, and classical reception in 20th- and 21st-century Irish literature.

I studied Classics as an undergraduate at Trinity College Dublin, then came to Canada to do my Ph.D at the University of Toronto. Before joining UBC I worked at the University of Waterloo and the British Library.

CLST 105 Introduction to Classical Mythology
LATN 101 Introductory Latin
LATN 101 Introductory Latin
LATN 402a Latin Poetry: Horace’s Odes
LATN 502a Latin Poetry: Horace’s Odes