Caroline Arbuckle

Research Interests

Caroline is interested in ancient Egyptian craft technologies and their place within the systemic structure of society. She studies the development of Egyptian coffin construction throughout the pharaonic period, examining how changes reflect shifts in politics, religion, trade, and the environment.


  • Assiut Coffins in the Museo Egizio, Turin, Italy
  • In this multi-disciplinary study of Egyptian coffins from Assiut, Caroline is responsible for studying the construction and materiality of coffins from the Old Kingdom through to the Roman Period
  • Coffins in the Royal Cache
  • Caroline is part of a team led by Kara Cooney, investigating the royal coffins found in the cache in tomb DB 320

Caroline completed her BA here at UBC in the CNERS department, focusing on Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology and Ancient History. She then moved on to Oxford University to complete a masters (MPhil) in Egyptology, and finally to the University of California, Los Angeles, to finish a PhD at the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology.

Winter 2019

NEST313 Introduction to Middle Egyptian Sections

Language of Ancient Egypt and the main literary texts composed during the Middle Kingdom.

Winter 2019

NEST304 Ancient Egypt: The Archaeology of the Land of the Pharaohs Sections

The material remains of the ancient Egyptians from monumental tombs and temples to the artifacts of daily life; the development of Egyptian civilization from the rise of the first rulers to its incorporation into the Roman Empire.