Carl Johnson

Research interest

Ptolemaic Royal Titulature,
Social History of the Hellenistic World,
Relations between Indigenous and Greco-Roman populations in Antiquity,
Relation between Ancient and New World culture, in particular parallels between Native Egyptian and First Nations culture in terms of law, language and colonialism.


As a social historian of the Hellenistic History, my research deals with the nature of the Ptolemaic monarchy, as well the relation between the indigenous population of Egypt and its Greek ruling class.

Using literary, numismatic, epigraphic and papyrological sources, I have focused upon the impact and influence that Greek and Egyptian culture had upon one another.

I am also investigating the broader issue of coexistence and syncretism, not only in the case of ancient peoples but also with respect to modern social realities in Canada and the world in general. In this respect, I have done work on the nature of law and language and the treatment of First Nations peoples in Canada.

Finally, I am conducting research on the traditions, customs and myths of the Nhla7kpmx nation of British Columbia.

Classical Civilization, Classical Drama, Ancient History and Myth, Hellenistic Civilization and History, Numismatics.

Winter 2021

CLST231 Ancient Greece Sections

A survey of the ancient Greek world from the Minoan and Mycenaean (about 2000-1000 BCE) to the Hellenistic Period (323-30 BCE).

Winter 2021

CLST313 Greek Epic Sections

Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, in translation.

Winter 2021

CLST356 Alexander the Great and his Empire Sections

The rise of Macedon under Philip II leading to its domination of Greece and the overthrow of the Persian Empire by his son, Alexander; the subsequent spread of Greek civilization in the East.

Winter 2021

CLST329 Ancient Greek Warfare Sections

Ancient Greek methods and tactics of war plus underlying social, religious and philosophical concepts relating to warfare, through sources in translation.