Graduate Supervisors

Department Head
Professor of Roman History
Office Hours email
work phone: 6048224065
Professor of Near Eastern Art & Archaeology
On Leave
work phone: 6048224047
Associate Professor of Early Christianity and Greek Religion & Mythology
On Leave
work phone: 6048224062
Assistant Professor of Ancient Greek Material Culture
Office Hours Thursday 2-4 pm
work phone: 6048271635
Professor of Greek History and Archaeology
Distinguished University Scholar
ORCID #: 0000-0001-7411-9328
work phone: 6048226749
Assistant Professor of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology
Laboratory of Archaeology
work phone: 6048229139
Associate Professor and The Diamond Chair in Jewish Law and Ethics
work phone: 6048273703
Associate Professor of Greek Philosophy
Joint General Editor, Ancient Commentators Series
Office Hours Wednesday 1-2 pm & 5:30-6:30 pm
work phone: 6048224050
Assistant Professor of Roman History
Office Hours: by appointment
Assistant Professor of Early Christian History and Literature
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Professor of Greek
Arts One
work phone: 6048224048
Assistant Professor of Roman Archaeology
Associate Professor of Latin literature and Roman culture
Latin Coordinator
Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Studies
Director of Graduate Studies
Office Hours Friday 2:30-3:30 pm
work phone: 6048224058
Professor of Egyptology and Near Eastern Studies
work phone: 6048274316
Assistant Professor of Greek Language and Literature
Office Hours by Appointment
work phone: 6048274263