Graduate Supervisors

Department Head
Professor of Roman History
work phone: 6048224065
Professor of Near Eastern Art & Archaeology
Director of Graduate Studies
work phone: 6048224047
Associate Professor of Early Christianity and Greek Religion & Mythology
work phone: 6048224062
Professor of Greek History
Distinguished University Scholar
On Study Leave 2018/19
work phone: 6048226749
Assistant Professor of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology
Laboratory of Archaeology
work phone: 6048229139
Associate Professor and The Diamond Chair in Jewish Law and Ethics
work phone: 6048273703
Associate Professor of Greek Philosophy
Joint General Editor, Ancient Commentators Series
On Study Leave January to June, 2019
work phone: 6048224050
Assistant Professor of Roman History
Assistant Professor of Early Christian History and Literature
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Professor of Greek
On Study Leave 2018/19
work phone: 6048224048
Assistant Professor of Roman Archaeology
Associate Professor of Latin literature and Roman culture
Latin Coordinator
Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Studies
Peter Wall Scholar 2018/19
work phone: 6048224058
Professor of Egyptology and Near Eastern Studies
On Leave 2018/19
work phone: 6048274316
Assistant Professor of Greek Language and Literature
On Study Leave 2018/19
work phone: 6048274263