CNRS: Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies

Winter 2019

CNRS104 Temples, Tombs, and Tyrants: The Archaeology of the Middle East, Greece, and Rome Sections

The rise of civilizations, cultural interconnections, and power dynamics in the ancient Middle East (including Egypt), Greece, and Rome (10,000 BCE - 300 CE). Archaeological methods and interpretation, and analysis of ancient artifacts in UBC collections.

Instructor(s): Fisher, Kevin COOPER, ELISABETH

CNRS370 Theories of Myth Sections

Origins, nature, and transmission of myth in the Western tradition, with particular attention devoted to the interpretation of myth from ancient times up to the present. Some background in myth is recommended.

Instructor(s): Cousland, Robert
This course will examine the origins, nature and transmission of myth in the Western Tradition. It will devote particular attention to the interpretation of myth from ancient times up to the present day. Modern theorists discussed may, among others, include Freud; Jung; the so-called "Cambridge Ritualists;" N.Frye; J. Campbell; C. Levi-Strauss; R. Girard; W. Burkett; E. Cassirer. Prerequisites: None

CNRS449 Honours Essay Sections

CNRS500B Pro-Seminar in Ancient Mediterranean Studies: Selected Topics - SEM MEDITER STDY Sections

Instructor(s): Milstein, Sara

CNRS503D Studies in Literature, Art and Society - STUD LIT ART Sections

Instructor(s): Yoon, Florence

CNRS549 Master's Thesis Sections

CNRS649 Doctoral Dissertation Sections