Welcome to the Department of Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies!

We offer a unique opportunity to explore the civilizations of the ancient Mediterranean and Near East (the region we call the Middle East today). Our remarkably diverse faculty includes world experts who both teach and research the archaeology, history, languages, literatures, and religions of ancient Egypt, the Middle East, Greece and Rome, including Judaism, Christianity, and early Islam. Our programs, which can be individually tailored to fit specific interests, foster interdisciplinary study while developing the relevant skill sets to prepare our students for future study and employment.

Our strengths include rigorous training in ancient languages; broad coverage of the mythic systems of ancient civilizations; in-depth study of the dramatic, historical, legal, literary and religious texts produced by those civilizations; advanced training in practical methods of archaeology and epigraphy; and exploration of the traditions and receptions of antiquity by later eras.

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