War and Society in Colonial Sicily, International Workshop


Website: https://wasics.sites.olt.ubc.ca/ 

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Friday, 27.04.2018 (Peter A. Allard School of Lawm Allard Hall, 1822 E Mall, Room 121)

9:30 – 16:00

M. Jonasch (DAI/UBC), A Military Landscape? Mapping colonial spatial Development Policies in Southcentral Sicily

S. Vassallo (Soprintendenza Palermo), War and Conflicts in Northcentral Sicily at the End of the 6th and during the 5th Century BCE

G. Amara (SNS Pisa), How many Temples for the Victory at Himera? New Evidence from the Athenaion of Syracuse

R. Johnson (UBC), The Curse Tablets of Selinous: Evidence of Social Strife?

A. Ward, C. Marconi (NYU), War and the Life of a Sacred Structure: Evidence from the IFA-NYU Excavations at Selinunte (Paper presented by Caterina Minniti, UBC)

B. Steinbock (Western University), “Sufferings Too Great For Tears”. The Destruction of the Athenian Expeditionary Corps in Sicily


Saturday 28.04.2018 (Buchanan Penthouse, Buchanan C 5th Floor, 1866 Main Mall )

9:30 – 17:00

S. Pope (MacMaster University), Dawn of the Mercenaries, Twilight of the Sikels?

M. Costanzi (Université de Picardie Jules Verne), War and the Foundation of new Cities

J. Harris (CHS), The Power of Movement: Mercenary Mobility and Empire Building in Classical Sicily

R. Souza (Seattle University), Enslavement and Redemption in Classical Sicily

V. Mignosa (Ca’ Foscari Venezia), Wars and Walls in ancient Syracuse: Townscape and Society under the Tyrants

S. De Vincenzo (UNITUS Viterbo), The City-Walls of Eryx and the socio-political Conflicts in Western Sicily until the Roman Conquest

C. Vacanti (Universtità di Palermo), For a Geopolitical Atlas of the Roman Republic: The War for Sicily (264-241)

F. De Angelis (UBC), Energizing the Economy: Present Results and Future Directions