Ornaments in Life and Death: Jewelry and People in a Byzantine cemetery

“Ornaments in Life and Death: Jewelry and People in a Byzantine cemetery ”
Georgios Makris, UBC (Art History, Visual Art and Theory)


Credit: pair of silver earrings_Ephorate of Antiquities of Thesprotia, Greek Ministry of Culture

This paper examines a number of precious objects worn on the bodies of deceased people at a medieval cemetery in northwestern Greece, then part of the Byzantine world. Consisting primarily of earrings, rings, and bracelets, the intricate ensemble invites a discussion about the socio-historical value and meaning of jewelry within a complex funerary context. Understanding the medium’s capacities to attract the eye and communicate messages about its user, I will attempt to disentangle these excavated items of jewelry from an enquiry into the development of fashion, and focus instead on notions of ownership, self-representation and human behavior in Byzantium and beyond.

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