CAC Western Tour Speaker: Dr. Bruce Robertson (Mount Allison)

How We Liberated the First 4 Million Words of Ancient Greek (And How You Can Help With the Next 40 Million)

A field report from the First Thousand Years of Greek Project, a collaboration between Mount Allison University, the Weidener Library at Harvard and  Digital Humanities at Leipzig. Though Classical studies has benefited greatly from early text digitization efforts, none of these have been both comprehensive and openly licensed.  This last issue, the restricted licensing of digital texts in projects like the TLG, has increasingly limited the creativity of computing classicists and their ability to apply the latest techniques in, for instance, corpus linguistics. To correct this situation, we undertook to make a  comprehensive and open digital collection comprising the first 4 million words of ancient Greek. But to do this, I had to invent reliable optical character recognition for polytonic Greek and make a web-based editing environment for partially correct results. These tools are now at your disposal, and with them, you and your students can create digital editions of monographs and authors for worldwide use.