AIA Lecture: Cultural heritage in danger (Regine Schulz)

Cultural heritage is worldwide increasingly in danger. There are many different reasons, such as natural disasters, collateral damages by war and actions of terror, intentional destruction to annihilate the cultural roots and traditions of opponents as well as looting, thefts and illegal sale for profit. However, in the same way destructive are neglect, repressions and a lack of willingness or inability to provide necessary financial resources for the preservation of cultural heritage. In addition, the flood of information on disasters, a feeling of helplessness derived from it, and changing cultural values make it more and more difficult to motivate people, institutions and organizations to engage in its protection. The lecture will focus on the situation in three different regions – in Egypt, the Sudan and Yemen – and on related national and international activities.

Archaeological Institute of America, Vancouver Society Lecture

Cultural heritage in danger – What can we do?

Examples from Egypt, Sudan and Yemen

Dr. Regine Schulz,

Senior Director, Roemer and Pelizaeus Museum, Hildesheim Germany

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Location: TBA (UBC), Time: 7:00PM