Vergil’s Reception in Brazil

Vergil’s Reception in Brazil

Friday 23 June


Buchanan C203

Speaker:         Paulo Sérgio de Vasconcellos

Respondents: Richard Armstrong and Stephen Hinds

Paulo de Vasconcellos is Professor of Latin at Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp) in Brazil. He is the author of Efeitos intertextuais na Eneida de Virgílio (2001), Sintaxe do período subordinado latino (2013), and Persona poética e autor empírico na poesia amorosa latina (2016). He coordinates a research group that has been preparing annotated editions of poetic translations of Virgil by the Brazilian Manuel Odorico Mendes (1799-1864); the Bucolics and Aeneid have already been published (2008) and the edition of Odorico’s Georgics is forthcoming.

Richard Armstrong is Associate Professor of Classical Studies in the Honors College at the University of Houston. He specializes in cultural reception, with a focus on the history of psychoanalysis and translation studies. He is author of A Compulsion for Antiquity: Freud and the Ancient World (Cornell UP), and numerous chapters and articles on Freud’s deployment of ancient studies and the history of translation. With Alexandra Lianeri, he is co-editor of the forthcoming A Companion to the Translation of Greek and Latin Epic (Wiley-Blackwell).

Stephen Hinds is Professor of Classics at the University of Washington, Seattle. He is the author of The Metamorphosis of Persephone: Ovid and the Self-Conscious Muse (Cambridge 1987) and Allusion and Intertext: Dynamics of Appropriation in Roman Poetry (Cambridge 1998).  With Denis Feeney, he co-founded and co-edited the Cambridge book series Roman Literature and its Contexts. His current project Poetry across Languages: Literature, Literalism and the Latin Tradition explores the cross-linguistic and intercultural relations of Latin literature, both in antiquity and between antiquity and (early) modernity.

Event is funded by Susanna Braund’s Canada Research Chair


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