21st Annual Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference

Human-Environment Interaction: Past, Present, and Future

With Keynote Speaker Dr. Charles Redman, Founding Director of the School of Sustainability, University State Arizona.

Event: Online conference

This conference aims to take a broad definition of “environment;” for example, encompassing the natural environment (including climate), the built environment (at any scale, from a single structure to vast landscapes), and the cultural environment (i.e., ideologies, systems, and structures that we are steeped in on a daily basis and enable with different degrees of awareness). Therefore, we welcome papers from all fields of study (humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, education, archival and library sciences, etc.). We also encourage the submission of papers by scholars considering human-environment interaction from any temporal standpoint: past, present and future. The aim of this conference is to encourage interdepartmental dialogue and open exchange on this subject.

Coming soon: Exact times, keynote speakers and how to get the Zoom links.