CNERS SA Event – Alumni Night

AIA Lecture – “An Archaeology of the Bronze Age Senses: the Tastes, Smells and Colors of New Finds from East Cretan Excavations” (Dr. Tom Brogan, AIA Joukowsky Lecturer, Institute for Aegean Prehistory Study Center for East Crete)

20th Annual Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference: “Colonialism in the Academy”

Department Seminar – “ABCs and BU-BA-BIs: Learning to Write in Early Mesopotamia” (Dr. Paul Delnero, Johns Hopkins University)

14th Annual UBC Archaeology Day – “Foundations on Running Water: The Archaeology of Settlement and Water”

“The Battle of Cannae in the Roman Poetic Imagination” (Dr. Neil Bernstein, Ohio University)

AIA Lecture – “Exploring Late Bronze Age Urban Landscapes on Cyprus: Excavations at Kalavasos and Maroni, 2015-2019” (Dr. Kevin Fisher, UBC)