Two New Volumes from SBL Press Co-edited by Tony Keddie

Society of Biblical Literature Press has published two new volumes co-edited by Dr. Tony Keddie, also featuring essays by Prof. Keddie.

The first, The Struggle over Class: Socioeconomic Analysis of Ancient Christian Textsco-edited with Michael Flexsenhar III and Steven J. Friesen, “brings together scholars from the fields of New Testament and early Christianity to examine ancient Christian texts in light of the category of class. Historically rigorous and theoretically sophisticated, The Struggle over Class presents a range of approaches to, and applications of, class in the study of religious texts and communities. Essays examine the epistles, the gospels, Acts, apocalyptic texts, and patristic literature for what they reveal about the socioeconomic contexts of the Greco-Roman World.”

The second, The Psalms of Solomon: Texts, Contexts, and Intertextsco-edited with Patrick Pouchelle and Kenneth Atkinson, “explores a unique pseudepigraphal document that bears witness to the 63 BCE Roman conquest of Jerusalem. Essays address a variety of themes, notably their political, social, religious, and historical contexts, through the lens of anthropology of religion, cognitive science, socioeconomic theory, and more.”