The CNERS Department welcomes our newest colleague, Dr. Megan Daniels, Assistant Professor of Greek Material Culture.

Megan Daniels joins UBC from her previous position as lecturer in Classics and Ancient History at the University of New England in Australia. She obtained a B.A. in Archaeology from Wilfrid Laurier University, a M.A. in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology from our own Department of Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies, and her Ph.D. from Stanford University, where her research was supported by the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the ACLS/Mellon Foundation. Before taking up her first faculty position in Australia, she was the Lora Bryning Redford Postdoctoral Fellow
in Archaeology at the University of Puget Sound from 2016-2017.
In 2017-2018 she took up another postdoctoral fellowship at the Institute for European and Mediterranean Archaeology at SUNY Buffalo, where she organized an international conference entitled Homo Migrans: Modelling Mobility and Migration in Human History, which is also set to be an edited volume through SUNY Press. Megan’s interests include religion, migration, and cross-cultural interaction in the Mediterranean world, particularly the interrelations between the Greek-speaking regions and the regions of Egypt, and western Asia over the late Bronze and Iron Ages. Her archaeological experience includes excavations on Canadian soil through her time as an archaeologist for Parks Canada, as well as excavations further abroad in Bermuda, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Turkey, and Tunisia.
She has also worked as a ceramic analyst on several sites around the Mediterranean, most recently at Stymphalos in Greece. With her interests in long-term patterns of interaction between the Mediterranean and Middle East, Megan is thrilled to be part of the diverse group of researchers in CNERS and UBC’s scholarly community.