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This course presumes no prior knowledge of Arabic, however if a student knows the alphabet and reads phonetically, but has no Arabic grammar they still belong in ARBC 101.

Fall 2020 Course Delivery Online

Fall 2020 Course Delivery Online

During Winter Term 1 2020 (September to December) all courses in ARBC, CLST, CNRS, GREK, HEBR, LATN, NEST, and RELG in Term 1 are online. The Department of Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies will not be offering any courses on campus. This is in response to the decision made by the University and the […]


This course examines Jewish approaches to ethical issues, with special attention to how they evolved from ancient times to the present. In doing so, we will uncover the historical roots of contemporary Jewish ethics as well as follow the twists and turn in how these approaches developed. We will survey Jewish ethics broadly, as well […]