3D modeling, augmented reality being applied to Dr. Kevin Fisher’s work at Kalavasos-Ayios Dhimitrios (Cyprus)

Dr. Kevin Fisher, Assistant Professor of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology,  has been working with the UBC Emerging Media Lab (EML) to develop the 3D visualization of Kalavasos-Ayios Dhimitrios (more of the KAMBE project here).  EML has connected Dr. Fisher with a group of students from the UBC Game Developer’s Association, who are working on ways of using augmented reality (the ability to call up real world info in a virtual environment) with the 3D model developed so far for use by students in the classroom.

This project was one of three projects that EML showcased during President Santa Ono’s visit to the lab at the end of January.  One of the students and Dr. Fisher were able to demo the model for him using a virtual reality headset.

This project, “Experiencing an Ancient City”, has been selected by the new Centre for Digital Media (a joint venture of UBC, SFU, ECUAD, and BCIT) as a term project for a group of MA students.  They’ll be working on the 3D modeling of the entire site in its landscape and bringing it into a virtual reality world that will likely include a gaming element.