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RELG 475E/RELG 500B The Use and Abuse of the Bible in Modern Contexts An exploration of the Bible’s continued influence in today’s world,¬†with attention to how and why the Bible continues to be recycled in so many different contexts.


RELG 330 Origins of Judaism This course surveys the history and literature of Jews and Judaism during the Second Temple era. It covers the formative age of Judaism, from the destruction of the First Jerusalem Temple in 586 B.C.E. to the Babylonian Exile, through the Hellenistic and Early Roman ages, to the destruction of the […]


RELG 209 Eden to Exile: Introduction to the Hebrew Bible¬† A beginner’s guide to reading the Hebrew Bible (“Old Testament”) from an academic perspective, with attention to how and why it came to be in its current form.


CLST 111 Introduction to the history, culture, society of ancient Rome, with a focus on the period between 63 BCE and 14 CE, covering the collapse of the Roman Republic, the dictatorship of Julius Caesar, and the reign of Augustus. Special attention will be paid to literature and art.

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