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Cillian O’Hogan new Assistant Professor without review

Cillian O’Hogan will take up the post of Assistant Professor without review this September. Cillian completed his PhD in Classics at the University of Toronto in 2012, where he worked on Prudentius, the results from which will be appearing in a book from OUP this September, Prudentius and the Landscapes of Antiquity. He brings to […]

CNERS Faculty and Emeriti in the UK

Ancient Sicily is flavour of the summer in the UK at present. The British Museum is currently showing an exhibition entitled ‘Sicily: culture and conquest’, and the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford has a quite separate one, called ‘Storms, war and shipwrecks: treasures from the Sicilian seas’. CNERS’ Centre for the Study of Ancient Sicily has […]

Dr. Arden Williams teaching LATN 100 this summer

Welcome to Dr. Arden Williams! Arden received her PhD from UBC in the early 2000s. She has held term appointments at Wilfrid Laurier, Memorial and Dalhousie. Arden has taken up a sessional position with us teaching a summer section of Latin 100. Welcome home Arden!

Dr. Franco De Angelis promoted to Full Professor

Congratulations to Dr Franco De Angelis. He has just heard from the President of UBC that he has been promoted to the rank of Full Professor, with effect from July 1 2016. Nicely done, Franco!

Dr. Gregg Gardner promoted to Associate Professor

Congratulations to Dr Gregg Gardner, who has just heard from the President of UBC that he has been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor with tenure, with effect from July 1 2016. Good work, Gregg!

Irresistible: The Homeric Heroism of Muhammad Ali

Professor C. W. Marshall has written about what Muhammad Ali means to him at


The Archaeology of Ancient Iraq and Syria: Babylon and Beyond This course provides an overview of the archaeology of the ancient Near East, with special emphasis on the ancient civilizations that developed in Syria and Iraq, notably Sumer, Babylonia and Assyria (3100—330 B.C.). The course also includes some Prehistory (beginning with the Neolithic Era), and […]


First-Year Ancient Greek I This course introduces the elements of classical Greek – the language of Homer, Greek drama and philosophy, and the New Testament. We will study fundamental Greek grammar and vocabulary useful for reading ancient Greek and understanding its influence on modern European languages. Prerequisites: None: Students with no prior knowledge of the […]


Seminar in Classical History: DARK AGE AND ARCHAIC GREECE Classical Greece is still alive and rightly deserves to be defined as the apex of ancient Greek civilization. Until relatively recently, Classical Greece had been treated like the birth of the goddess Athena: fully grown when she came out of the head of Zeus, her father. Recent […]

Roman Historian joining CNERS July 1

Katharine P.D. Huemoeller, receiving her PhD this summer from Princeton University, is a Roman historian who focuses on the non-elite in antiquity, gender and sexuality, and life outside the major urban centers of the ancient world. Her work engages all available evidence for the Roman world, from Roman poetry to legal documents on papyri to […]

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