Classical Studies 355 (CLST 355 [3]): The Athenians and their Empire

The sources (literary, epigraphical and other) for Athens’ emergence as one of the two leading city-states in late archaic and classical Greece and the stages which her empire grew. Prerequisite: CLST 231.


Aims of this course:

  • examine the history and nature of the Athenian Empire
  • gain familiarity with ancient sources of the period and some contemporary scholarship
  • ancient and modern perspectives and representation: how history is imagined and created (affected by ideology and ontology)
  • the nature, objectivity and purpose of history


consider the following:

  • the development and nature of the empire from the 6th century BCE on
  • competing representations of that empire in ancient and modern sources
  • the empire and its effect on 5th century Greek culture
  • the relationship between the empire and Athenian democracy