Roger Wilson Named the Dalrymple Lecturer at Glasgow

Dr. Roger Wilson has been invited to be the Dalrymple Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Glasgow in November 2017, where he will give four public lectures on his archaeological research in Sicily. This will give publicity in Scotland for UBC, in particular on Roger’s three recent UBC archaeological projects in Sicily (Gerace, Kaukana and Caddeddi).

‘The Dalrymple Lecture Fund is a generous bequest by James Dalrymple to finance a series of free public Lectures on European topics of historic and archaeological interest. The first Lecture Series was delivered in 1907, and recent speakers have included Lord Colin Renfrew, Dr. Chris Stringer, Professor Sir Barry Cunliffe, Professor Ian Hodder, Professor David Breeze and Professor Andrew-Wallace Hadrill. The Fund also generously supports the publication of the Scottish Archaeological Journal.’