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New book by Cillian O’Hogan

 Cillian O’Hogan’s book, Prudentius and the Landcapes of Late Antiquity, has been published by Oxford University Press. The book offers a thematic analysis of the poetry of the late Latin poet Prudentius, focusing in particular on his descriptions of the geographical and cultural landscapes of late antiquity.    

Cillian O’Hogan publishes the British Library Greek Manuscripts Project

Cillian O’Hogan has an exciting new publication recently launched by the British Museum, the British Library Greek Manuscripts Project, a website containing articles on various aspects of Greek & Byzantine culture as it relates to papyri & MSS. Dr. O’Hogan designed the project, commissioned & edited the articles (& wrote a few), and wrote all […]

Congratulations to Courtney Innes on a clutch of scholarly awards!

Courtney Innes, a Religious Studies PhD candidate, has recently received three scholarly awards; one from the Brigham Young University Religious Education Dissertation Grant; one from the Soroptimist International Scholarship Program and the Nibley Fellowship Graduate Stipend Awar. Congratulations on the amazing trifecta!


Classical Studies 355 (CLST 355 [3]): The Athenians and their Empire The sources (literary, epigraphical and other) for Athens’ emergence as one of the two leading city-states in late archaic and classical Greece and the stages which her empire grew. Prerequisite: CLST 231.   Aims of this course: examine the history and nature of the […]

Congratulations to Michael Goco for his award winning paper on Second Temple Judaism!

Michael Goco, a recent BA, has received recognition in The Undergraduate Awards, an international competition attracting papers from all over the world (5,514 papers were submitted in 25 categories). His paper , “Out of the Depths: The Development of Jewish Views of the Afterlife in Second Temple Judaism”, written for Dr. Gardner’s RELG 330: Origins […]

New Book by Dr. Sara Milstein

 Dr. Sara Milstein’s book, Tracking the Master Scribe: Revision through Introduction in Biblical and Mesopotamian Literature (Oxford University Press) has just been published!   When we encounter a text, whether ancient or modern, we typically start at the beginning and work our way toward the end. In Tracking the Master Scribe, Sara J. Milstein demonstrates […]

New book by Dr. Kurtis Peters!

We are very pleased to announce the publication of a new book by Dr. Kurtis Peters, Hebrew Lexical Semantics and Daily Life in Ancient Israel (Brill, 2016). More information about the book can be found here. Kurtis has taught Hebrew in CNERS for a few years and this year will add Akkadian to his teaching […]


Greek Verse. In this course we will read Iliad 1 and 6, gaining a familiarity with Homeric verse. We’ll also read some fragments of Sappho.


Islam permeates the landscape of our contemporary world events—whether in relation to immigration, women’s rights, or terrorism. In this course, we will examine the ways that Islam has changed in the last five centuries in order to gain a better understanding of Muslims’ beliefs and practices today. We will analyze the deep impact and transformative […]


Women and Religion in the Islamic Tradition In this course, we examine recent academic debates that have changed the way we understand women, gender, and Islam. In particular, we will read and discuss key texts in the history of Islamic law and anthropology. The legal texts present and analyze the male-dominated juristic discourse on women […]


The Roman state developed one of the earliest complex legal systems. They excelled especially in creating a formal judicial system and a detailed framework for civil law. The resulting system of law that emerged forms the basis of most European and American law and influenced many aspects of English Common Law. Through the activities and […]

Promotion of Dr. Leanne Bablitz to Full Professor

Congratulations to Dr Leanne Bablitz who has just heard from the Interim President of UBC that she has been promoted to the rank of Full Professor, with effect from July 1 2016!


Akkadian is the ancient language of Mesopotamia within the Semitic language family. First finding prominence under Sargon of Akkad (late 3rd millennium BCE), Akkadian became dominant in Mesopotamia in the 2nd and early 1st millennia BCE, for much of which it was also the diplomatic language of the whole Ancient Near East. Written with an […]


For all of its accounts of angels and miracles, the Bible features a staggering number of texts that deal with “real life,” including literature that deals with sex, deceit, and murder. Most of these texts never make it into a synagogue or church sermon, though some of them are persistently (mis-)used to justify the oppression […]


This course is an introduction to the history of Rome’s military.  The course begins with an examination of Rome’s military development through the republican period and then turns to examine the reforms made to the army to facilitate its role in controlling the vast empire of the Imperial period.  Specific topics which are examined include; […]


Pompeii In this seminar we will consider the ways in which the ancient city of Pompeii advances our knowledge of various aspects of Roman history and culture.  Topics which may be examined (depending on the interests of the students) include prostitution, gardening, politics, law, space utilization – both public and private, religion, art, death and […]


This course explores the art and architecture of the Greek world from about 7000 to 30 BCE. We’ll begin with the first farmers of the Neolithic and the trace the rise of Mycenae, Knossos and other legendary palaces of the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations. We then examine the emergence of the Greek city states, focusing […]


CLST 332: Roman Art & Architecture The social, cultural, political, and visual history of Roman art from the eighth century BCE to the fourth century CE.  Topics include the power of images to shape society; identity construction; cultural exchanges and borrowings across the ancient world; the impact of the Roman Empire on local visual traditions; […]

Thomas Schneider appointed Advisor to the President at Quest University

Thomas Schneider has been appointed Advisor to the President at Quest University Canada, with a starting date of August 1, 2016. He will assume that role on a part-time basis in 2016/7. His responsibility will be to establish formal relations between UBC and Quest University and to provide support for a number of additional academic […]

Youcef Soufi appointed Assistant Professor without review

Youcef Soufi will start as Assistant Professor without review this September. He is currently completing his PhD at the Centre for Religious Studies at the University of Toronto on the use of Usul al-Fiqh in disputation in classical Islamic law. He has an article on the historiography of Usul al-Fiqh in the forthcoming Oxford Handbook on […]

Cillian O’Hogan new Assistant Professor without review

Cillian O’Hogan will take up the post of Assistant Professor without review this September. Cillian completed his PhD in Classics at the University of Toronto in 2012, where he worked on Prudentius, the results from which will be appearing in a book from OUP this September, Prudentius and the Landscapes of Antiquity. He brings to […]

CNERS Faculty and Emeriti in the UK

Ancient Sicily is flavour of the summer in the UK at present. The British Museum is currently showing an exhibition entitled ‘Sicily: culture and conquest’, and the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford has a quite separate one, called ‘Storms, war and shipwrecks: treasures from the Sicilian seas’. CNERS’ Centre for the Study of Ancient Sicily has […]

Dr. Arden Williams teaching LATN 100 this summer

Welcome to Dr. Arden Williams! Arden received her PhD from UBC in the early 2000s. She has held term appointments at Wilfrid Laurier, Memorial and Dalhousie. Arden has taken up a sessional position with us teaching a summer section of Latin 100. Welcome home Arden!

Dr. Franco De Angelis promoted to Full Professor

Congratulations to Dr Franco De Angelis. He has just heard from the President of UBC that he has been promoted to the rank of Full Professor, with effect from July 1 2016. Nicely done, Franco!

Dr. Gregg Gardner promoted to Associate Professor

Congratulations to Dr Gregg Gardner, who has just heard from the President of UBC that he has been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor with tenure, with effect from July 1 2016. Good work, Gregg!

Irresistible: The Homeric Heroism of Muhammad Ali

Professor C. W. Marshall has written about what Muhammad Ali means to him at


This course provides an overview of the archaeology of the ancient Near East, with special emphasis on the ancient civilizations that developed in Syria and Iraq, notably Sumer, Babylonia and Assyria (3100—330 B.C.). The course also includes some Prehistory (beginning with the Neolithic Era), and the world’s first farming communities. Major technological, artistic and architectural […]


This course introduces the elements of classical Greek, the language of Homer, Greek tragedy and philosophy, as well as of the Christian New Testament. By the end of the term you will know the ancient Greek alphabet and be able to read in the present tense, using vocabulary commonly found in ancient Greek texts. You […]


Seminar in Classical History: DARK AGE AND ARCHAIC GREECE Classical Greece is still alive and rightly deserves to be defined as the apex of ancient Greek civilization. Until relatively recently, Classical Greece had been treated like the birth of the goddess Athena: fully grown when she came out of the head of Zeus, her father. Recent […]

Roman Historian joining CNERS July 1

Katharine P.D. Huemoeller, receiving her PhD this summer from Princeton University, is a Roman historian who focuses on the non-elite in antiquity, gender and sexuality, and life outside the major urban centers of the ancient world. Her work engages all available evidence for the Roman world, from Roman poetry to legal documents on papyri to […]

Michael Griffin promoted to Associate Professor

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Michael Griffin will be promoted to the rank of Associate Professor, with tenure, in effect from July 1 2016. Congratulations, Michael!

Job Posting: Assistant Professor without Review in Islamic Studies

The Department of Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies (CNERS) at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver) invites applications for an Assistant Professor without review in Islamic Studies. The successful candidate must be able to teach Classical Arabic at all levels, and courses on topics such as Introduction to Western Religions, Classical Islam, Modern Islam, […]

Job Posting: Assistant Professor without Review in Latin Language and Literature

The Department of Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies (CNERS) at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver) invites applications for an Assistant Professor without review in Latin language and literature. The successful candidate must be able to teach Latin at all levels, and courses on topics such as Latin literature, myth, ancient women, classical reception, […]

Recent PhD, Andrew McClellan, accepts 2 year Post-Doctoral Fellowship.

We are pleased to announce that recent PhD student Andrew McClellan has accepted a two-year Post-Doctoral Fellowship, emphasizing Latin epic and its broader contexts, in the Department of Classics at Florida State University. Congratulations, Andrew!  

Prof. Rumee Ahmed appointed Associate Dean, Communications and Innovation

We are pleased to announce that Professor Rumee Ahmed has been appointed Associate Dean, Communications and Innovation in the Faculty of Arts from 16 April 2016 through June 2019. Congratulations, Rumee!

Prof. Susanna Braund awarded 2016 Killam Research Fellowship

We are pleased to announce that Professor Susanna Braund has been awarded a Killam Research Fellowship in the 2016 national competition for her project ‘Virgil Translated’! Killam Research Fellowships provide two years relieved from all teaching and administrative duties. Congratulations, Susanna!

Prof. Thomas Schneider awarded a 2016 Dean of Arts Faculty Research Award.

We’re happy to announce that Professor Thomas Schneider has been awarded a 2016 Dean of Arts Research Award. The award provides a teaching release for one semester, which Prof. Schneider will take in the autumn of 2016. Congratulations, Thomas!

UBC Student Richard Cameron wins CAC Sight Translation Competition

Richard Cameron from UBC has won first place in the CAC Senior Greek Sight Translation Competition and third place in the CAC Senior Latin Sight Translation Competition! Excellent work, Richard. Congratulations!

Prof. Lisa Cooper’s New Book on Gertrude Bell is Published

Prof. Lisa Cooper’s New Book on Gertrude Bell is Published

We’re happy to announce the publication of Prof. Lisa Cooper’s new book In Search of Kings and Conquerors: Gertrude Bell and the Archaeology of the Middle East (London: I.B. Tauris), which has just arrived in advance copy (with a publication date of 2016).  Congratulations Lisa!      

Jayne Knight appointed Lecturer at University of Tazmania

We are very happy to announce that our own Dr. Jayne Knight has accepted a tenure-track appointment as Lecturer in Classics as the University of Tasmania.  She starts in July. Congratulations Jayne!

Gregg Gardner wins Killam Fellowship

Dr. Gregg Gardner has been awarded a UBC Killam Research Fellowship for his project “Giving with Interest: Wealth and Poverty in Jewish Antiquity.” Congratulations Gregg!

Roger Wilson Named the Dalrymple Lecturer at Glasgow

Dr. Roger Wilson has been invited to be the Dalrymple Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Glasgow in November 2017, where he will give four public lectures on his archaeological research in Sicily. This will give publicity in Scotland for UBC, in particular on Roger’s three recent UBC archaeological projects in Sicily (Gerace, Kaukana […]