Two New Books by CNERS Professors

We’re happy to announce the publication of two new volumes by CNERS professors:

V. Dahpna Arbel, Paul C. Burns, J.R.C Cousland, Richard Menkis and Dietmar Neufeld (eds.) Not Sparing the Child. Human Sacrifice in the Ancient world and Beyond. Studies in Honor of Professor Paul G. Mosca. New York: Bloomsbury/T&T Clark (2015).

A number of current and former CNERS colleagues contributed chapters to the festschrift.

Thomas Hikade and Jane Roy – “Human Sacrifice in Pre-and Early Dynastic Egypt: What do you Want to Find?”
Thomas Schneider – “God’s Infanticide in the Night of Passover: Exodus 12 in the Light of Ancient Egyptian Rituals.”
C. W. Marshall – “Death and the Maiden: Human Sacrifice in Euripides’ Andromeda.”
Dietmar Neufeld – “Mocking Boys, Baldness, and Bears: Elisha’s Deadly Honour (2 Kings 2:23-24).”
Paul C. Burns – “Child Sacrifice: A Polyvalent Story in Early Eucharistic Piety.”
J.R.C. Cousland “DEUS NECANS: Jesus in the Infancy Gospel of Thomas.”

Dietmar Neufeld and Richard DeMaris (eds). Para entender el mundo social del Nuevo Testamento. Espana: Editorial Verbo Divino (2015). Translation of Understanding the Social World of the New Testament by Serafin Fernandez Sala.