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Latin prose of the imperial age. In this course we will read a selection of authors from the imperial age onwards, including Seneca the Elder and Younger, Pliny the Elder and Younger, and Quintillian among others.


LATN 402B/502B: Epyllion and Epic In this course, we will study the controversial genre epyllion. The term is used by modern scholars to describe short mythological epics notable for their erotic themes and prominent female characters, as in Catullus 64. But ‘epyllion’ is also used by some to refer to short episodes inset within larger […]


Reading and Writing Latin Prose Texts


Hellenistic Poetry introduced a wide range of verse forms to Greek, as the language spread throughout the Mediterranean basin. We will read selections from Callimachus, Theocritus, Apollonius, and others, paying attention to metre, cultural/performative contexts, and the impact on subsequent Latin literature. We will also read Menander’s comedy Samia in translation, in order to position […]


Magic and Witchcraft in Greece and Rome


This course concentrates on the remarkable political and cultural achievements of fifth century Athens addressing topics such as the development of democracy and how it functioned, the meaning of citizenship, gender and sexuality, social values and daily life, and the role of drama, art, and architecture in Athenian society. We will examine how some of […]