CNERS Graduate Tia Sager wins Russ Patrick Award for Undergraduate Research in the Arts

Tia Sager, currently working on an MA in Classical Archaeology at the University of Oxford, has won the Russ Patrick Award for Undergraduate Research Writing. Her paper, “Space Syntax Analysis of Cypriot Built Environments: Social Interaction and Change in Bronze Age Cyprus,” was lauded by Janet Giltrow (Senior Associate Dean) and her committee “for its scholarly attitude and professional thoroughness and also praised for Tia’s ability to describe not only the significance of her research to an informed but non-specialist audience but also the nature of research in the Humanities.” The essay was included on the Arts website as “an example of spirited scholarship and good writing.”  Tia’s work was nominated by Prof. Kevin Fisher and was done under his Arts Undergraduate Research Award (AURA) grant.  Congratulations Tia!