Third-year Latin aims to enhance students’ skills in reading unadapted Latin and to introduce them to some of the great authors of classical Latin literature. Our prose author this year will be the historian Livy. We shall be translating a selection of famous passages from his Ab Urbe Condita, and also considering his purposes in writing, the nature of his history and the linguisitic and artistic features of his work. Among our passages will be his narration of the founding of Rome, his stories of some early Roman heroes, his account of the Second (Hannibalic) Punic War, and his description of the Bacchic ‘conspiracy’ of 186 BCE.

Texts (required):

1. Mary Jaeger, A Livy Reader: Selections from Ab Urbe Condita; Bolchazy-Carducci pub., ISBN: 978-0865166806

2. G. L. Kittredge, James B Greenough, Benj. L. D’Ooge, A. A. Howard, J. H. Allen, Allen and Greenough’s New Latin Grammar; Dover pub., ISBN: 9780486448060