LATN 401B/501B: “Reading and Writing Latin Prose”

The aim of this course is to improve your fluency in Latin and to introduce you to a wide range of Latin prose styles along with some of the key prose texts from Latin literature. The course will do more than can be imagined to improve your grasp of Latin vocabulary, grammar and syntax and your appreciation of Roman ideas and culture. It will also teach you how to use a dictionary properly and how to think yourself into a Roman frame of mind. It is not for the faint-hearted – but the brave will benefit hugely and have heaps more fun than they expect.
The course will consist of exercises in translation into Latin along with close study of a number of important Latin prose texts from several different genres. Assigned texts will include Cicero’s beautiful philosophical “Dream of Scipio” (Somnium Scipionis) from his De Republica and Seneca’s satirical skit against the emperor Claudius, his Apocolocyntosis (“Pumpkinification”). We will also take a look at Latin versions of modern works, such as Harry Potter, as well as the horrors of Latin mottoes and the outrages of Latin tattoos. Part of the assessment will involve group projects where you collaborate to write a short story in Latin.
Course materials will be provided in a packet for purchase.

Note: Students may take Latin 401 more than once, since the content varies each year.