A survey course on the sanctuaries of the ancient Greek world from the Iron Age to the Hellenistic period.After reviewing types of sanctuaries, structures in them, and sources for their study (archaeological, literary, epigraphic, etc.) the course will go on to examine various sanctuaries, especially in the Greek heartland (the great athletic panhellenic sites of Olympia, Delphi, Isthmia and Nemea; healing sanctuaries like Epidauros; mystery sanctuaries like Samothrace and Eleusis; oracular sanctuaries like Delphi, etc.)The course will also look at great state sanctuaries like Hera at Samos or Corinth (Perachora) and will present in detail two sanctuaries excavated by UBC teams:Demeter and Kore at Mytilene and a kourotrophic divinity (Eilythuia?) at Stymphalos.Assignments will include short and long oral reports, a 5000 word research paper, and a final examination.
Prerequisites: None