This course is aimed at providing a detailed introduction to the topography and above all the monuments of ancient Rome. The monuments will be considered in their topographical context, rather than in chronological order. The harbour towns of Ostia and Portus, as well as Hadrian”s palatial villa near Tivoli, will also be included. The aim is to stress the importance of Rome”s buildings (in many cases) as influential paradigms that were frequently imitated elsewhere in the Roman world, and afterwards. Key aspects of Roman building techniques, of sculptural decoration and of fresco and mosaic decoration will also be covered in detail. Teaching will be by means of seminars, each lasting three hours, with a ten-minute pause in the middle of each.
Texts: A. Claridge, Rome: an Oxford Archaeological Guide, 2nd ed. 2010, is indispensable and should be acquired for this class. For important background information, the essays in J. Coulston and H. Dodge (eds), Ancient Rome: the Archaeology of the Eternal City, 2000, are extremely valuable.
Prerequisites: None