“I suppose there was no race of men, no city at that time, no single person whom Alexander”s name did not reach.” – Arrian,Anabasis 7.30.2.v
A study of Alexander the Great: the historical figure, his legend, and his legacy. It begins with his rise, tracing the nature of Macedonia, its culture and previous kings, especially Philip II on whose successes Alexander”s legend was built.This course first examines Alexander”s accession, campaigns and untimely death and places Alexander in his social and historical context.The second part of the course will examine the legacy of Alexander through the history of the Hellenistic kingdoms and the persistence of Greek culture in the East.This course addresses questions of cultural interaction, assimilation, and conquest through the reading of the ancient sources in order to assess Alexander”s achievements and to understand the unique place which he occupies in visions of the classical past.
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Prerequisites: CLST 231 or 331, or permission of the instructor