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Congratulations to Christian Brady

UBC Library cIRcle and the Graduate Student Society has awarded MA student Christian Brady one of four GSS cIRcle Open Scholar Awards for his classics Podcast Prometheus Unbound entitled, Podcasting Lucan and the Classical World. Congratulations Christian!


Islamic law has become something of a proxy in modern debates for larger theories and ideologies.  Muslims across the world call for a “return to Islamic law” as a panacea for the ills of modernity.  Several states in the United States have introduced bills that would ban Islamic law from being practiced and enforced within […]


This course sits at the intersection of two highly contested topics, “Shari’a” and the role of “women” in Islam.  Both these issues have become increasingly politicized in contemporary global discourse.  For this reason, it is important to study the historical roots of their development, as well as their various manifestations in the contemporary world.  As […]


Topic for 2013-14: Ancient Jerusalem in Archaeology and Texts This seminar will explore ancient Jerusalem from its beginnings as a Canaanite town through the Israelite (i.e. Iron Ages), Persian, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine eras, up to the dawn of Islam (roughly 1000 B.C.E. to 640 C.E.). This seminar will incorporate close readings of archaeological finds […]


Sept-Dec In this seminar the figure of Eve will be treated as an emblem for women and the notion of femininity. We will examine the notion of femininity and its varied constructions in biblical context/s through analyzing varied representations of women in intriguing accounts from the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. We will further focus our attention […]


Each Honours student in Religious Studies must write a graduating essay.  To register for Religious Studies 499, please contact the Undergraduate Advisor.


Is the Biblical Garden of Eden synonymous with Paradise? Does Genesis 2-3 represent Eve as a temptress? When does the plural noun Elohim refer to the singular God and to plural gods?  How to translate the Hebrew term Adam?  What does Exodus 3 recount about the secret name of God YHVH? What can the etymology of Hebrew […]


Islam and the Secular Modern. Why was a late 20th century Egyptian Muslim academic exiled for apostasy? Why did several young French Muslim men leave for Syria to join ISIS? And why have there been periodic tensions between Egyptian Christians and Muslims? A common assumption suggests that intolerance and violence in the Muslim world is due […]


From the very beginnings of cinema right up to the present day, movies about Jesus have been one of the constants of cinematic history. From 1903’s Life and Passion of the Christ — one of the very first feature films—to Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ and beyond, the  gospel story has continually undergone fresh […]


Political and Economic Interactions in the Late Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean:  This course will provide a detailed look at archaeological and textual evidence for interactions among the various polities and cultures of the Late Bronze Eastern Mediterranean world, c. 1700-1100 BCE.  Through diplomatic letters, treaties, and material evidence for warfare and imperial control, we’ll examine […]

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