Melanie Jonasch

Melanie is here at UBC as a Postdoc funded by the Volkswagen foundation. She completed her undergraduate studies at Heidelberg and Rome and her M.A. and PhD. at the Free University of Berlin, writing a dissertation on regional banqueting culture in Roman Gaul. She is currently employed as a Research Associate in the President’s Office of the German Archaeological Institute in Berlin.

While at UBC, her research will concentrate on “Ways and Places of Securing Power: Military Infrastructure and Control Strategies of the Greek Poleis in Sicily (7th-4thCentury BC)” under the supervision of Franco De Angelis.  This project will involve a major reconsideration of the evidence for military infrastructure from existing data, including their digitization, to help contextualize her own excavations at Monte Turcisi in eastern Sicily.  Her work brings a rigorous methodological and theoretical approach to a field that is in dire need of reevaluation and reinvigoration.  A research workshop is being planned at UBC in the spring.

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