Chelsea Gardner

At present I am pursuing a four-year PhD in Classics with a specialization in Classical Archaeology and am in the third year of the academic program.

My dissertation focuses on the Inner Mani peninsula of southern Lakonia, Greece and my goal is to compile and synthesize relevant historical, epigraphical, and archaeological sources from the Archaic to the Roman periods to provide a better understanding of this unique geographic area.

I work as a teaching and research assistant at the University of British Columbia, and am currently an active participant on four archaeological projects: The Athenian Agora excavations, The Central Zagros Archaeological Project (CZAP), The Norwegian Archaeological Survey of the Karystia (NASK) and The Diros Project in the Mani peninsula.

My Killam Doctoral Scholarship profile

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Areas of Focus

  • Greek Sanctuaries, The Archaeology of Religion
  • Greek and Roman Art & Archaeology
  • Topography of Athens
  • Death and Commemoration in the Roman World
  • Animals in the Ancient Mediterranean
  • Archaeological Theory

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