Brook Pearson

  • Continental philosophy (particularly Deleuze and Guattari)
  • ancient philosophy (particularly Plato and Hellenistic philosophy)
  • religion in the Hellenistic Period and the early Principate (including Isis cult, Judaisms of the Second Temple Period, Earliest Christianity/New Testament)
  • poetry

In addition to three books of poetry currently finding their way through the search for publishers (Between Blue & Leek-Green, Documents in Vanishing Ink: Love in a Police State, and Songs in Iron & Bronze), I am currently working on a book concerning Plato’s philosophy in its cultural and geographical context, and another on Paul, following up from my 2001 book Corresponding Sense.

Forthcoming publications:

‘The Soviet Nomad: Tarkovsky’s Science Fiction War Machine’, Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society, forthcoming 2016.

‘The cormorants and the crows’ and ‘History and science fiction can’t teach me’ in The Goose: A Journal of Arts, Environment, and Culture in Canada, forthcoming 2016 (poetry)

"Nouns: a poem after Robin Williams died" in Canadian Literature, forthcoming 2016 (poetry)

‘‘Little Temples’, in (Re)Purposed Magazine, issue 1 (2014).

‘Athens without Organs: “the city whose home is in words”’, Contours (2012).

‘Re(ct)ifying Empty Speech: Cronenberg and the problem of the First Person’, in S. Riches (ed.), The Philosophy of David Cronenberg (University of Kentucky Press, 2012).

‘Frank Herbert, “Philosopher of the Dangerous Perhaps"; Or, “Friedrich Nietzsche Goes to Space”’, in J. Nicholas (ed.), Dune and Philosophy (Philosophy and Popular Culture; Chicago: Open Court, 2011).

‘Ontology in Collage: Paolozzi’s Wittgenstein and Film’, in D. Spinosa (ed.), Ontology of Film, themed volume of Rivista di Estetica, n.s., 46 (1/2011).

Corresponding Sense : Paul, Dialectic and Gadamer (Leiden: E.J. Brill Publishers; 2001)

editor, Text and Tablet by Arthur Gibson, edited by B.W.R. Pearson (Basingstoke: Ashgate, 2000).

editor, Christian–Jewish Relations through the Centuries, with S.E. Porter (RILP 6; JSNTSup 192; Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 2000; 2nd edn London: Continuum, 2004).



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