Supervisory Committees

MA Programs

MA students select their thesis advisor at the end of their first academic year (before May, year 1), with the expectation that work begins that summer. Once the graduate advisor is informed of the selection, the thesis advisor becomes chair of the MA supervisory committee. In consultation with the student, the thesis advisor selects a second member for the committee, and upon submission the two must agree upon a final grade for the thesis (CNRS 549). The graduate advisor serves as a member of each committee ex officio to ensure fairness across the cohort, and is nominally chair until a thesis advisor is selected. In cases where the graduate advisor is one of the two markers for the thesis, a third suitable person is to be  selected as a member of the committee.

PhD Programs

When the student has successfully completed all required course work, demonstrated a reading knowledge of two modern languages apart from English, and completed the written and oral comprehensive examinations, the student will select a PhD Supervisor in consultation with his/her Graduate Advisor. Next, the student and his/her Graduate Advisor will pick the members of his/her Supervisory Committee, in consultation with his/her Supervisor, and this is reported to the DGS. The Supervisory Committee will normally consist of two faculty members (one of whom may be from outside the department) and the Supervisor, who serves as chair.

Once the student’s Supervisory Committee is formed (to be done within one month of completing written and oral comprehensive examinations), the student may proceed to the dissertation prospectus.