Archaeological Fieldwork Requirements

Though not required for entry to the MA program, all students in the MA in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology must have fulfilled this requirement by the end of their MA program. Students applying for entry to the PhD program in Classics (Classical Archaeology) must have fulfilled this requirement prior to entry.

The fieldwork requirement can be fulfilled by the completion of CNRS 535 or through an equivalent field experience, including but not limited to excavation, museum work or conservation, archaeological survey, or geophysical work.

To count for credit toward the MA program, field experience must be fulfilled in the form of CNRS 535 during the degree. Credit can be achieved from a UBC-run field school, or by participation in another field project undertaken during the program, provided that it has been approved in advance by the Archaeology Committee. For outside (non-UBC) projects to qualify for credits for CNRS 535, they must involve a minimum of 4 weeks of fieldwork and must be demonstrated to fulfill the specific learning objectives that are described in the CNRS 535 syllabus.

Students may submit for approval by the Archaeology Committee other previously acquired field experiences as defined above: field programs that are not completed as part of CNRS 535 can fulfill the field requirement, but do not count for course credit toward the MA program.

All MA students may include CNRS 535 (to a maximum of 3 credits) as part of their program, as long as other degree requirements are met.