Unprepared Examination from Latin and Greek

A two-hour examination consisting of 4 passages, one Greek prose, one Greek verse, one Latin prose and one Latin verse, taken from authors on the MA Reading Lists but not from texts on the Reading Lists. Passages will be c. 10-15 lines in length and will have a sentence or two providing general context. Candidates will translate all four passages; assessment will be based on the best three.

This examination will be taken at the following times until it is passed.

  1. the second Tuesday of September in Year 1
  2. the last Tuesday of November in Year 1
  3. the last Tuesday of March of Year 1
  4. the second Tuesday of September in Year 2
  5. the last Tuesday of November in Year 2

Students may not take the remainder of the Comprehensive Examination until they have passed this examination in translation from unprepared passages in Greek and Latin.

The Classical Languages Committee (CLC) will set and grade this examination and report the results to the Head, to the Classics Graduate Advisor. The Graduate Advisor may either accept the CLC’s decision, or appeal it on a candidate’s behalf; appeals must be based on allegations of imparity, and the CLC should be prepared to demonstrate consistency of standards in setting and marking, both between candidates in a single cohort, and from one year to the next.