Ancient Mediterranean Culture, History and Literature


CNRS 500A/NEST 501B: Approaches to Ethnic Identity in the Ancient Mediterranean World (L. Cooper)
CNRS 502B/CLST 519D: Pompeii: Temples to Toilets (L. Bablitz)
CNRS 503A: Raw Comedy: Plautus and Mime (C.W. Marshall)


CNRS 500: Forum Romanum (L. Bablitz)
CNRS 502A/GREK 545: Greek Epigraphy (N. Kennell)
CNRS 502B/RELG 500A: Making a Case: Law in Ancient Israel and Iraq (S. Milstein)


CNRS 500: Ancient Mystery Religions (R. Cousland)
CNRS 503C: Digital Antiquity (S. McElduff)
CNRS 503D/GREK 525: Comic Fragments (C.W. Marshall)


CNRS 500/RELG 502C: Ancient Jerusalem (G. Gardner)
CNRS 503A: Rising from the Ruins: Neoclassicism and the roots of modern Classical Studies (H. Marshall)


CNRS 500/CNRS 503E/GREK 525A: Being like Gods: Divine Knowledge and Power in Roman Alexandria (M. Griffin & T. Schneider)
CNRS 503D/LATN 535: TBA (S. McElduff)


CNRS 500/RELG 500B: The Parables of Jesus (R. Cousland)
CNRS 502A: Roman Lawmaking (L. Bablitz)
CNRS 503D: Ancient Near Eastern Historiography (T. Schneider)
CNRS 503E/GREK 525B/LATN 525B: Scientific Literature in Greek and Roman Antiquity (D. Creese)


CNRS 500/RELG 531: Reading Foundational Narratives (D. Arbel and S. Braund)
CNRS 503C /GREK 525A/LATN 525A: Prostitutes and New Comedy (C. W. Marshall)
CNRS 504A/LATN 535/CLST 519D: Mystery Religions and the Rise of Christinaity on the Basis of Archaeology and Iconography (R. Wilson)


CNRS 500/RELG 500: Approaches to the Ancient City (D. Neufeld)
CNRS 503A/LATN 545D: Latin Epigraphy (R. Wilson)
CNRS 503C/GREK 525B: Aristotle and the Purpose of Tragedy (C.W. Marshall)
CNRS 503D/GREK 525A: Greek Love (D. Creese)
CNRS 503E: The Ancient Greek State: Theory and Reconstruction (F. De Angelis)
CNRS 503F: Ancient Near Eastern Historiography (T. Schneider)


CNRS 500: Approaches to the Ancient City (D. Neufeld)
CNRS 501/LATN 535: Mystery Religions and the Rise of Christianity (R. Wilson)
CNRS 503A/CLST 519: Death and Dying in the Roman World (L. Bablitz)
LATN 521A: Lucan and his Reception (S. Braund)
LATN 521B: Ancient Rhetorical Theory (S. McElduff)
LATN 525B/GREK 525B: The Classical Commentary: Art and Science (S. Braund)


CNRS 500/CNRS 503B/GREK 525B: Greek Musical Discourse (D. Creese)
CNRS 503A/LATN 525A: Seneca’s Tragedies and their Reception (S. Braund)
CNRS 503C: Latin Poetry Englished (S. Braund)
CNRS 505B/GREK 525A: Greek Stagecraft and Performance (C. W. Marshall)
LATN 545: Seminar in Latin Epigraphy (R. Wilson)


CNRS 500: Proseminar in Ancient Mediterranean Studies (D. Neufeld)
CNRS 503B/GREK 525B: Greek Love (D. Creese)
GREK 545B: Greek Epigraphy (F. De Angelis)