Horace’s Odes.

In the Odes, Horace perfected Latin lyric poetry, and produced a body of work that has had incalculable influence on later writers.┬áThe poems deal with a wide range of topics, including friendship, love and sex, politics, and philosophy. In this class we will read the first and third books of Horace’s Odes in their entirety. We will place the poems in their social, literary, and historical context, looking in particular at the use Horace makes of Greek lyric models, his relationship with Augustus/Augustan ideology, and his philosophical ideals. We will also look at the reception of the Odes, both within antiquity and in more recent English literature. Throughout the course, special attention will be paid to Horace’s language, metre, and style.

Note: Students may take Latin 402 more than once, since the content varies each year.